Montessori Homeschool Preschool E-Course

How to set up and run your own Montessori homeschool preschool for children ages 1.5-6!

This Montessori Homeschool Preschool E-Course combines my unique experience as both a Montessori classroom teacher AND a homeschooling parent to help other parents learn about Montessori philosophy and how to set up and run a Montessori Homeschool Preschool for their own children. This course will take you step-by-step through the entire process -- from Montessori philosophy points to keep in mind, to setting up the learning environment, to lesson prep and the order in which to present them, to sample work trays in each section for ages 2, 3, and 4/5, to how to create your own unit studies and Montessori-materials [as well as where you can find them available for purchase], to creating your daily classroom rhythm, and all the way through to what to do when it all goes wrong!

I've created this course to be applicable to families with a wide range of budgets and space available for homeschooling and with modifications that can be made when you have children of varying ages. In order to keep this Montessori Homeschool Preschool E-Course affordable for ALL families, I have not included detailed lesson instructions -- but I do provide information on how to find free Montessori lesson instructions as well as where to purchase if you have room for that in your budget. This course is ideal for families with children between the ages of 1.5 and 5, although there are materials listed for children as old as 6.

The Montessori Homeschool Preschool E-Course is composed of written instruction supplemented with videos and photographs. Videos included within the course contain information on how to complete and analyze an observation to help prepare your environment to meet the needs expressed by your child, the key principles found in Montessori materials and how to set them up on work trays, a sample Montessori homeschool preschool room layout, a time lapse of a work cycle in our homeschool preschool, and a demonstration of a three period lesson. This is a take-at-your-own pace course, which means you can begin whenever you'd like and finish in your own time. You will be able to go back and forth within the course contents and you will have lifetime access to everything in the course.

I am excited to be your guide in your own Montessori Homeschool Preschool journey!

I can also help provide Montessori homeschool information in a one-on-one consultation. You receive a 15% discount on my personalized consultations -- there are multiple opportunities to sign up for that within the course!

Your Instructor

Angela Chang
Angela Chang

My teaching background has proven to be very helpful in terms of understanding Montessori philosophy as well as classroom management skills, and I have absolutely loved being my daughters’ Montessori homeschool preschool teacher. While we currently have no plans to homeschool after the preschool years, I have developed a certain level of expertise in terms of homeschool preschool set-up and instruction, and I believe I have a unique view based on years as both a Montessori classroom teacher AND a homeschooling parent. I am excited to be your guide in your own Montessori Homeschool Preschool journey!

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
Will I learn exactly how to present each and every lesson listed for ages 1.5-6?
No, as that would make the cost of the course prohibitively high for many. You WILL find the lesson order as well as both free and paid outside resources for detailed lesson instructions. I have also included two to three sample work trays for each classroom section for ages 2, 3, and 4/5 which do provide lesson instructions.
How much work will I have to put into my own homeschool preschool after taking this course?
That depends on how much you have already done and how much you would like to implement! Providing a Montessori homeschool preschool experience for your child is a commitment, and it will require some effort on your part to get things going and implement the strategies provided in this course. This course will provide the tools to get the ball rolling and resources to refer to during your homeschooling journey, but it will not do all the work for you.
I'm ready to commit to providing a Montessori homeschool preschool experience for my child! How do I get started?
Check out the options below for enrollment! If you would like some more personalized instruction, there is an opportunity to add on some one-on-one consultation sessions at a 15% discount within the course!

Get started now!